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Private Lessons

Private lessons are an integral part of a student's music education. It is valuable time for the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as for the teacher to develop a clear path for the student to follow. The private lesson is not just instructional time, but an opportunity to help the student discover just what type of musician they are and help them develop the skills necessary to achieve a high level of musicianship. ​
My primary objective when teaching private lessons is to help the student understand how to be his or her own teacher. The student only spends one hour per week with a private teacher, maybe two, but will spend 20-plus hours practicing by themselves every week. Thus, it is essential that the student understand how to clarify what they are hearing when they practice, know how to identify problem areas in their playing, and come up with solutions to those problems. 
There are many rewards to teaching, but by far the most rewarding element is seeing a student discover just how much they are capable of achieving with the right amount of focus, tenacity, and desire. I welcome students of all ages into my studio, provided they are willing to do the hard work necessary to make changes. Fill out this contact form for more information and scheduling. 
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